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Resizing the root partition in Solaris

Backup the root filesystem (preferably in single user mode)

# ufsdump 0f /mnt/backup.dmp /

To restore the root filesystem
Boot from the CD-ROM to single user mode

OK> boot cdrom -s

Resize the root partition using format
Mount the HDD to be restored to:

# mount -o rw -F ufs /dev/dsk/ /root_disk

Restore from the root backup location

# cd /root_disk
# ufsrestore rf /backup/backup.dmp
# cd /
# umount /root_disk

Check the disk

# fsck -y /dev/dsk/

If necessary install a boot block on the partition

# installboot /usr/platform/`uname -i`/lib/fs/ufs/bootblk /dev/rdks/


# init 6