My listeners aren’t (listening)

So it seems that I need to learn more about exactly how listeners work and how databases work with them.
And especially how to have multiple databases talking to one listener and/or having more than on listener on one box.

I’ve been trying to install a 10g database and get it to register with the listener on the box, but it won’t do it.
I’m not sure if it is something to do with the fact the listener is only version 9 or if it is something I am doing wrong.

Another Job

I happened to have a quick look at the jobs available at the Bureau of Meteorology yesterday. They have a “Systems and Database Specialist” position available starting at $80K.
Although I’m not going to apply for it, it has given me some ideas on how/where to improve my skills.
  • Database Tuning
  • mySQL
  • Linux
  • AIX (not sure how I’m going to do this)
  • Postgres (not even sure what this is !)

Data Pump Import

For the last few years that I have been work as a DBA here, I have always used imp and exp to import and export data to the databases.
But with our recent increased used of 10g databases I have started to use impdp and expdp.

I felt that it would be better to use these versions rather that the outdated(?) versions. But the new syntax takes a little getting used to. But then again it took me a little while to be able to type and imp/dmp command without have to look it up or use an excel cheat sheet.

EDIT : Of course the impdp/expdp are also more powerfull, allowing for schema and tablespace remapping during the import.

Monitoring of Alert Logs.

I read an interesting article here about monitoring the alert logs that Oracle writes. They offer some suggestions to use scripts or monitoring tools but no real information or examples.
I checked how we do it at work and remembered that I had written a script some time ago that runs grep over the alert log looking for anything starting with ORA- (any oracle error starts with ORA-).
It then pipes all this to a html file that i can access from a server that is running apache. I simple check this web page every morning to see if there were any errors i need to be concerned about.

I had problems putting the script in the post as it contains html tags. If you’d like to see if, email me at Thanks.

Mail Host

I configured google apps and my domain today so that I can use the address and read the mail via a google interface.
It seems to work OK but I’m not sure if I have it setup OK or that i like it.
And i can’t seem to apply themes to my inbox on my mc account like i can my normal gmail account. why not?