I made a bit of an error yesterday doing and export/import.
I exported to a file I shouldn't have, then imported the wrong file.

I didn't loose any data (thank God), but I did manage to push someone's
testing back by two weeks.
He wasn't too happy about that, but I think he understands.

Mental note, don't use the nightly export file for anything other than
the automatic nightly exports !

Stand Up

When I turn 40 I might also have to start standing up for myself and my beliefs more. For too long i’ve just coasted along, let others make decisions for me, gone along with their decisions because it was easier that way.
I need to change that, and for me and for my family, I need to stand up and take command more.
This is probably going to be the hardest of all my “to do’s”. Standing up for what you believe in is hard when you are not sure what you believe in…..

Spenging Less

I’ve decided today that one other area that I can change is spending less. I spend allot on little things, like coffee here, a can of drink there. Little things that would be easy to save money getting another way.
So I will try cutting those out.

Oracle 7

I’ve been doing allot of work with Oracle 7.3.4 over the last few days. It’s been both interesting and annoying.
Interesting because I’ve not had much to do with it before, annoying because much of what would be simple to do in version 9 and 10 has to be done the long way by hand in version 7.

The Big 4 0

I’ll be turning 40 this year and I’ve decided that its time for me to make a few changes in my life.
I’ll spend between now and my birthday coming up with ideas how to change my life for the better, and when I turn 40, bang, they will all be put into action.

No more junk food.
I still tend to eat what I like allot of the time. I need to stop this and really watch what I eat more. Eating badly is already starting to give me problems so as 40, no more McDonalds, no more Hungy Jack, no more KFC.

Driving Me Crazy

Sometimes this database thing drive me batty. I want to do some Point-In-Time Recovery testing. We happen to have a spare server so I think great! I’ll install Solaris 10, Oracle 9i, set it up and do some testing.

I manage to get Solaris 10 installed OK, but damn Oracle 9i won’t install!
I’ve never had this problem before, some strange error were when setting folder permissions right at the start of the install. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.