Error ORA-20446 creating an export job

While trying to do an export in my Oracle 11g test database today I received the following errors,
ORA-20446: The owner of the job is not registered
ORA-06512: at “SYSMAN.MGMT_JOBS”, line 168
ORA-06512: at “SYSMAN.MGMT_JOBS”, line 86
ORA-06512: at line 1
It turns out that this is a bug in 11g, and while there is a fix available for it, there is also a simple workaround.
Logon as SYSMAN using SQL*Plus and execute the following command:
Where <USERNAME> is of course the username/userid for the user who is trying to create the export job.

MS SQL Error 5123 attaching a database file.

I had to reattach a Microsoft SQL 2005 database file for someone this morning. I’ve had to do it several times for this database as they are doing lots of testing for it and like to detach it, backup it up and reattach it.

This morning however, it wouldn’t let me reattach it. The management studio gave me an error 5123 trying to open or create the file. After some research it turns out to be a permissions problem.

I checked the permissions on the file and the person who had detached the file was the only one with access. So I granted Everyone full access and I was then able to reattach the database.

iTunes – Disk error writing to iPod

The other day I started getting the error “Attempting to copy to the disk <ipod name> failed” when tying to sync my music and video.

iPod Error
iPod Error

At first I thought it might have been one of the applications I had put on that save files to the iPod or that something had gone wrong with my iPod. But after doing some research on the internet it turned out to be a ‘corrupt’ album.
I had recently added three new albums to iTunes. So I unckecked those so that they would not sync to my iPod and no error! I then reselected one album at a time and tried sync’ing again to work out which album it was. This worked and I now know which album it was. However, I don’t know exactly why it was causing the error because it turns out that I don’t like the album and have simply removed it from iTunes altogether.
Someone suggested something about having brackets around numbers or it might be an illegal charcter in the name. I’m not sure.

Upgrading from Oracle 9i to 10g

I tried to doing an upgrade / migration from 9i to 10g that other day. It seemed to be going well but then I had to shut the machine down because of a power outage.
I had to shut it down remotely as well, so I couldn’t tell if it had finished or not. I think it may have failed because it ran out of disk space. After the outage I had a look at my server and neither database would start because the disk was full.
Hopefully I’ll get to try it again in a day or two.

Database upgrade

It looked like I was going to have to upgrade one of our DEV databases from to today. I was a bit nervous about doing that so I tried it on one of my test databases first. It didn’t seem to work. Now it also seems that the issue we were having with the DEV database has gone away, it was an application issue. So I don’t really need to upgrade it now. Which is good. I might still try upgrading my test database though. The process seems different to a recent version 9 patch I did and I want to make sure it get it working and understand how it works and what happens.

Connect is a role not a privilege

I was checking our database security policy at work today when I came across something that confused me for a little while.
It said that you should not grant the CONNECT role to non-DBA users. My first thought was ‘hang on, if I don’t give users the CONNECT role, they won’t be able to connect to the database’. I wondered about this for a while and then did a little digging and found out that of course CONNECT is a role, where as you only need the CREATE SESSION privilege to connection to the database.
Until version 10.2 the CONNECT role contained a bunch of other privileges that you may or may not want to give users. In our case, apparently we don’t.

Manually configure the Oracle 10g EM dbconsole

I was having trouble with a 10g database today. I have the database working OK but the web console wasn’t working. It was saying that the database was down even though I knew it was up and working OK. I eventually noticed that it was using the wrong port number trying to talk to the listener. I don’t know how I managed that, but I did.
Anyway, I then had to try and work out how to change what port it was using. I found this web page Manually configure the Oracle 10g EM dbconsole that told me about the emca tool. I used that to reconfigure the setup and then it was fine.
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