iTunes – Disk error writing to iPod

The other day I started getting the error “Attempting to copy to the disk <ipod name> failed” when tying to sync my music and video.

iPod Error
iPod Error

At first I thought it might have been one of the applications I had put on that save files to the iPod or that something had gone wrong with my iPod. But after doing some research on the internet it turned out to be a ‘corrupt’ album.
I had recently added three new albums to iTunes. So I unckecked those so that they would not sync to my iPod and no error! I then reselected one album at a time and tried sync’ing again to work out which album it was. This worked and I now know which album it was. However, I don’t know exactly why it was causing the error because it turns out that I don’t like the album and have simply removed it from iTunes altogether.
Someone suggested something about having brackets around numbers or it might be an illegal charcter in the name. I’m not sure.