Unlock Windows Media Player Full Mode

by hmmlargeart
by hmmlargeart

At my work the standard desktop setup comes with Windows Media Player installed. But they have it locked down so that you can’t use any of the library options or anything. Basically just play files.

However, it isn’t too hard to get around this and enable full mode.

All you have to do is Run gpedit.msc then,

  1. Expand the following branches,
    • Expand Local Computer Policy
    • Expand User Configuration
    • Expand Administrative Templates
    • Windows Components
    • Windows Media Player
    • User Interface
  2. Change the “Set and Lock Skin” to “Disabled”.
  3. Restart you computer.

WARNING : Doing this may violate your system use policy or similar. It may also get reset each time you logon, depending on how your network / domain is configured.