Moving a database to a new ORACLE_HOME

I recently had a request at work to upgrade a database to Now normally this would be a fairly simple request. However, on the server the customers database is running on, the oracle home in question is shared by about 5 different databases. Now I don’t want to upgrade all the databases, just this one customers.
How do I do that? Move that database in question to a new ORACLE_HOME.
This sounds like it would be a difficult task, but its not that hard.
Check out the step after the break.

Here’s the steps.
– Install new Oracle Home.
This could be done by a clean install or by cloning the first home.
– Run any applicable patch set scripts on the new home.
To bring the new oracle_home to exactly the same version as the old oracle_home.
– Shutdown the database that needs to move homes.
Well of course.
– Alter the oratab and listener.ora files in /var/opt/oracle to point to the new home.
These files may or may not be in /var/opt/oracle, depending on your installation.
You may or may not have to change the listener.ora file.
– Set the environment variable to point to the new home.
You may also have to change your .profile or .bash_profile files to reflect this change.
– Startup the database.
When making changes like this I like to start the database one step at a time, no mount, mount, open, etc.
But that is a personal preference and not required.
We tend to have each instance version running under a different user account so I also have to change the permissions on all the files associated with the database. You may also want to watch out for that.
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  1. The procedure is fine apart from the fact that it’s missing the DBUA step to upgrade the database to and it takes about 45 min to run as it compiles all objects.

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