Going Back To Basics

by Matthew Armstrong
by Matthew Armstrong

When I first started this site it was more of a tips and tricks site for myself. I had a small MySQL database behind a Apache/PHP web site that I used to make little notes on how to do things. So that a month of two down the track when I had to do it again but couldn’t remember exactly how, I had a quick and simple place to look for info.
Somewhere along the way though, I wanted to turn the site into a blog so that I could share that information with more people. This went OK. I got a web host, set up WordPress and I was off. It took a while to import and tidy up my tips out of the MySQL database but I did it.
A problem came up though about a month ago when I startled to try and promote my blog. I started making posts that were basically just copies of posts I had seen elsewhere on the web. And started a hectic posting schedule.
While this wasn’t a major problem at first. I recently realized that’s not what I want. It’s not want I want this site/blog to be. I want this blog be a reference site for general computer tips and tricks, not of copy of other site. I want more originality, more reference material.
So I will be stopping the ‘copy posts’ and going back to the tips posts that I write myself. This will mean that posts will appear less often, but they will be more original.I will still do the occasional post about things I see on the internet, but they won’t be copies of other peoples posts.
Thanks for listening,