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I use a Solaris desktop at work and like using it allot. I’ve never liked the default theme that comes with the Solaris Java Desktop so I started using the Gnome desktop. But even then I had trouble finding a theme that I really liked. Until I came across the Mac4Lin “theme” on SourgceForge. It makes your Linux desktop look allot like a Mac desktop.
It was a bit of a trick to get working on Soalris, as it is more meant for Ubuntu Linux, hence its name. But I managed to get most of it working, and like it allot.
If you like the Mac desktop or would like to get it a try, have a go.

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  1. Hi Malcolm, I got to your blog via the 31DayBBB forum for day 17, where members are critiquing other people’s sites. There were many requests, but yours stood out because you gave a reason why you wanted help, that was you are getting high bounce rate and hoped to find out. So I took a look at about 10 posts. I am not really technically talented, but I do know some stuff and can understand all the discussions you wrote on. I found your use of photographs to be well coordinated with the content and the photos were high quality. So maybe here is one tip. Since I see in your categories that all but one are technical. Miscellaneous I didn’t check out. Your tagline does let us know your name is Malcolm (and your personal writing style does give me a good sense of you) but if you want to attract then keep readers, maybe they don’t need to know that this tech guy is a husband and father. Instead try something on the theme of – technical topics explained clearly for the non geek. I found the topics interesting, the level of explanation fairly helpful for me, and I am not a non-geek. If you really are targeting the geeks, then you should get into more meaty topics and deeper details. Hope this is helpful, Gina

  2. Hi again Malcolm, I see my comment is posted and I noticed a mistake I made at the end. I AM a non geek. Even though I could see what I was typing, I always like it when the commenter box allows for Review your comment, before submitting. Another tip, Gina

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