Enable Flashback in an Oracle 10g

by Brother OMara
by Brother O'Mara

One of the cool new features of Oracle 10g is Flasback.
Flashback Database quickly rewinds an Oracle database to a previous point in time to correct any problems caused by logical data corruptions or user errors. Flashback Database is like a “rewind button” for your database. It is similar to conventional point-in-time recovery in its effects: it allows you to return a database to its state at a time in the recent past. However, it eliminates the time required to restore backup files.”
To enable flashback on your 10g database is fairly simple.
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Resetting the OMS password

by Richard Parmiter
by Richard Parmiter

We’ve had an Oracle Manage Server (OMS) running here at work for some time now. I think it was setup by a DBA who worked here years ago. The previous DBA didn’t use it so when I came to the job he told me to just login locally to OEM and not worry about using it.
I had some spare time the other day and thought I would have a look into what it could do. One of the first problems I ran into though was that I had to reset my password. Of course I didn’t have the admin password, and the last DBA doesn’t work here any more. So I had to find out how to reset the sysman password.
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Sending Mail using PL/SQL

by m-c
by m-c

I have been playing with Oracle Management Server at work receenty to try and mke the management of all our Oracle 8i and 9i databases a little easier.
One of the thing I want to setup was something to monitor the amount of tablespace left in each tablespace. I already had a clunky way to do it using PL/SQL, shell scripts and web pages. But OMS looked like a better way to do it.
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Recreating your iTunes library

by Christopher Chan
by Christopher Chan

I keep all my media (music, TV, movies, etc) on my media center or home theatre PC. But I connect my iTouch to a different computer. So of course I have to have some network drives mapped to my media PC to sync all my music.
This works fine, until you rebuild your media PC and happen to change the name of the shares you use to share your media. Well sort of.
It turns out that I had some how got some music into my iTunes library using F: drive and some using a UNC path. So when I changed the name of the share and then remapped my drive, all the songs pointing to F: where OK but anything pointing to \\mediapc\d-drive were broken.
Now iTunes is a great program and gives you lots of fields you can display and edit. But the file path is not one of them, which has always bugged me. So how do you change the path to a mass of songs?
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