How to disable the beep in solaris 10

by Pandiyan
by Pandiyan

I have installed Soalris 10 onto a laptop a few times to see how well it works. It does quite well.
One annoying feature though is that if you backspace all the way back to the prompt and then by mistake try to go one more, like if you hold down the backspace key,  Solaris will make a really loud beep. It gets really annoying,  really quickly.
To turn it off you need to run
/usr/openwin/bin/xset b 0
It also seems to do this at startup. I haven’t figured out how to disable that yet. Do you know ?
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MySQL create user

Every time I have to setup users in MySQL I seem to have problems.
I was setting up a system to do some WordPress testing and installed MySQL OK, but ran into problems with the users and permissions. Again.
So I had to search the net, again, and find out what I was doing wrong, again.
Maybe I’m just used to the way oracle does it, my MySQL does it in a strange way, why is it so hard ?
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Adding space to a tablespace

by numstead
by numstead

One of the jobs I do the most as a DBA is added space to peoples schemas.  It’s not a big thing, just something I have to monitor and watch out for. Users don’t like it when they can’t save their data into the database.
Below is a script that simplifies the main tasks required to do this.
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