Database mysql

MySQL create user

Every time I have to setup users in MySQL I seem to have problems.
I was setting up a system to do some WordPress testing and installed MySQL OK, but ran into problems with the users and permissions. Again.
So I had to search the net, again, and find out what I was doing wrong, again.
Maybe I’m just used to the way oracle does it, my MySQL does it in a strange way, why is it so hard ?
Luckly I found out how to do it at a site called Database F1.
What you have to do is this :

SQL> CREATE USER 'user1'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'pass1';

I think the problem I keep running into is that you can refer to users by either ‘user1’@’localhost’ or just user1. I think the trick is to always use the ‘user1’@’localhost’ syntax.
Let me know if you think otherwise, as it confuses me!