Converting Windows7 WTV files

Photo by Roadsidepictures
Photo by Roadsidepictures

Any TV programs that you record with Windows7 Media Center is written in a WTV format. Which is a new format for Windows7*. Which is fine if you only plan to watch it back on the same PC or on another Windows7 PC. If however you wish to watch it on a Vista or XP computer,  or you wish to shrink the file size a little, then you will need to convert the file.
You can pay money for programs like WTV2AVI to do it but you can also do it for free in Windows 7.
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How to change the default TV recording location

Photo by James Good
Photo by James Good

I recently got myself a USB TV tuner and have started recording TV with it and Windows Media Center in Windows 7. It is fantastic! I love how well Media Center works its so easy.
One thing I wanted to know was how to change the location where Windows Media Center records TV to. It’s quite easy,

  1. Open Windows Media Center.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Scroll down to TV and click on it.
  4. Click Recorder.
  5. Now click on Recorder Storage.
  6. Change Record on drive from C: to the desired one.
  7. Click Save to save the changes.

How to change the default TV recording location.
I haven’t actually changed it myself, because I had planned to change it to one of the USB drives I have plugged into my media PC. But I haven’t had time to see if and how recording to the USB drive effects recording performance.

Conditional shutdown with a VBS script

by maistora
by maistora

I used to leave my computer at home running after I’ve leaft for work for various reasons. But wanted it to shutdown at a certain time. To do this I wrote a simple VB Script and used Windows Scheduled Tasks to run it.  This worked great, unless I happened to be at home and using the computer during that time. Then it would shut down anyway!
So I added in a check to see if certain programs were running, not to shut down.
Below is the modified script that will check if World of Warcraft (wow.exe) or iTunes (itunes.exe) is running. If they are, then it quites, other wise it will shutdown the computer.
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