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Inappropriate ioctl for device and Oracle

Photo by Cindy_FL
Photo by Cindy_FL

I was trying to setup an instance of Oracle a while back and was running into a strange problem.
I could get to install and run OK, and the upgrade to seemed to work OK. But then when I tried to create a database it would fail and give me a “Inappropriate ioctl for device” error message. And inappropriate what for who ?

It turns our that there is an issue with Veritas Volume Manage, Solaris and Oracle 10.2.03. I won’t go into the details here, they can be found by searching Metalink for note number 405825.1
The short story is that after applying the patch set, you also need to apply patch 5752399 using the opatch utility

via Kevin Closson’s Oracle Blog. (Look for the comment posted by Brian Michael )