How to Boot from VHD with Windows 8 Developer Preview

I downloaded the recently release Windows 8 Developer Preview and was trying to work out which system to load it on when i found this article.
How to Boot from VHD with Windows 8 Developer Preview.
All the steps seems to work OK for me, but then Windows 8 didn’t want to install. Not sure, but several people in the comments section on the site says they got it working. And it did boot into win8 OK, it just didnt want to install.
Update : I haven’t been able to get this to work, but some people in the comments section at the link say they have. Best of luck if you want to try it yourself. 🙂

BCDEdit Command-Line Options

The boot.ini that was used on older Windows systems to control which operating system you boot into on dual boot systems is handled by BCD or Boot Configuration Data in Vista and Windows 7.
To edit the BCD you need to use BCDEdit.
BCDEdit Command-Line Options.
and here’s an FAQ with some nice examples.
For an example of how to use BCDEdit to boot windows 8 from a VHD file have a look here.