myBattery for Windows Phone

MyBattery” is out, and it’s free for some days!
Do you want to see your battery level in the live tile or in the lock screen?
NOW YOU CAN.. with the best app for this category!
Just pin the tile and check your battery level.

  • Modern UI with animations.
  • Battery percentage.
  • Remaining charge time.
  • Charts: from daily to all history.
  • Swap chart color.
  • Choose your images: colored or not.
  • Notifications in the Lock screen.

Windows Phone API limitations:

  • The live tile and the lock screen can be updated approximately every 30 minutes.
  • The live tile and the lock screen can show percentage from 0 to 99.
  • The notification icon in the lock screen can’t change.

Check the marketplace now: Download myBattery

TSM Audit Command

You need to run an audit occasionally to make sure that what TSM thinks is in your library, matches what is in the library.
The audit command is AUDIT LIBRARY library-name CHECKLABEL=BARCODE
The CHECKLABEL=BARCODE switch is optional, but it will make the audit go pretty fast, say 5 minutes. With that switch, all the audit involves is your robot scanning the barcode labels of all the tapes. Without that switch, the default action is to mount each tape, which will take a long time.
The audit may wait until all tapes are dismounted from drives, so it could take a while for an audit to start. Consider canceling tape processes if your audit is waiting, and you need it in a hurry.