Changing the fonts used in World of Warcraft.

You can use a simple “mod” to change in fonts used in the game.

  1. Create the following folder:
  2. Create copies of the font file of your choice, place them in the above folder, and rename them to the following names:
    • FRIZQT__.ttf (the main UI font – NPC names, player names, spell names, item names, buffs, quest log text, combat text, button text)
    • ARIALN.ttf (chat font, info text, small text)
    • skurri.ttf (default unit frame combat text)
    • MORPHEUS.ttf (mail text, quest log header text)
    • FRIENDS.ttf (friends list text)

HINT : You can use the Windows explorer built in search function to search for all the *.ttf files on your computer. You can then preview what they look like and then COPY them to the folder above.