Take pictures of the screen on your Mac

Press Shift-Command-3 to take a picture of the whole screen. To capture just part of the screen, press Shift-Command-4.
To take a picture of a window, press Shift-Command-4-Space bar, move the pointer over the window, then click. To cancel, press Escape before you click.
After you take a screenshot, it appears as a PNG file on your desktop.

Changing a monolithic disk to a split disk in VMware Workstation

This article provides the steps to change a monolithic disk (a virtual machine disk contained in a single file) into to a split disk (a virtual machine disk split into 2GB files) in VMware Workstation.
TIP : You need VMware Workstation, not just VMware Player.

Create a new AWS Instance

1. Click Services in the top left corner
2. Click EC2

3. Click the Launch Instance button in about the middle of the page
4. Click Select next to “Amazon Linux – Free Tier eligible”
5. Make sure the blue box next to the t2.micro free eligible is selected
6. Click Next: Configure instance details
7. If this is your first instance, you’ll probably want to leave everything on the step 3 page at the defaults.
8. Click Next: Add storage
9. At step 4, also leave everything as is for now and click Next: Add Tags
10. On the step 5 page, enter a name for the server, then click Next: Configure Security Groups.
11. I will cover security groups later, so for now just click Review and Launch
12. Click Launch
13. Select create a new key pair, enter a key name then click download key pair.
remember where you save the file and make a second copy/backup somewhere safe.

14. Click Launch instances.
15. Click the View instnaces button at the bottom of the page to watch you instance build.

Creating and Assigning an Elastic IP

1. From the Network & Security group in the left window, click Elastic IPs

2. Click Allocate new address
3. Click Allocate
4. Click Close
5. Select the new address
6. From the Actions drop down button, select Associate address
7. Select the instance you want to associate with the new ip from the drop down list
8. Select the private IP from the drop down list
9. Click Associate.
10. Click close

Using Putty with a PPK Key File

Using Putty with a PPK Key File
If you have a PPK file that you need to use to connect to a server, say an AWS instance, here’s how.

  1. Enter your public DNS name in the Host name field.

2. Expand the Connection branch on the left and then select Auth.
3. Us the Browse Button to find and select your PPK file.
4. Select the Session branch again, enter a session name, and click on save

5. To connect to the server, click Open
To generate a PPK file from a PEM file, see my post here.

Using PuttyKeyGen to generate a PPK file

How to use PuttyKeyGen to generate a PPK file from a PEM file.

  1. Download you PEM File from AWS
  2. Copy it to a safe location
  3. Download either the entire Putty package and install everything, or just get Putty.exe and PuttyGen.exe
    It can be downloaded from here
  4. Open PuttyGen
  5. Click file, then load private key
  6. Select all files from the drop down list
  7. Select pem file, click open
  8. Make sure ssh-2 RSA is selected.
  9. Click save private key
  10. Enter a name for the ppk file and save

How to use the Postie Plugin for WordPress

There is a great Post-By-Email plugin for WordPress called Postie. It extends the post-by-email feature that is built into WordPress. It allows you to connect to a mail server using SSL for a start.
When posting by email, you also have the following options.
1) In the subject line of your email enclose of the category of the post in square brackets/braces
2) At the start of the text you want to appear in the post, put a colon then the word start
3) At the end of the post text, put a colon and the word end.
4) If you want to include tags, put the word tags, then a colon, then a space then the tags you want separated by a comma and a space. After the colon and end statement, I think.
Note: sometimes the posts don’t appear all that quickly. If not then try going to your website and refresh the page a couple of times.