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Python Date and Time formatting

%A Weekday as locale’s full name. Monday %d Day of the month as a zero-padded decimal number. 30 %B Month as locale’s full name. September %m Month as a zero-padded decimal number. 09 %Y Year with century as a decimal number. 2013 %I Hour (12-hour clock) as a zero-padded decimal number. 07 %H Hour (24-hour… Read More »

Using RegEx in Notepad++

Using the following RegEx strings in NotePad++ to clean up book marks file. Do a Search and replace, In for search for fields put the following strings In the replace field, put nothing, Make sure regex is selected. ADD_DATE=”[^”]+” LAST_MODIFIED=”[^”]+” PERSONAL_TOOLBAR_FOLDER=”[^”]+” ICON=”[^”]+” LAST_VISIT=”[^”]+” ICON_URI=”[^”]+”

Changing a monolithic disk to a split disk in VMware Workstation

  This article provides the steps to change a monolithic disk (a virtual machine disk contained in a single file) into to a split disk (a virtual machine disk split into 2GB files) in VMware Workstation. TIP : You need VMware Workstation, not just VMware Player.  

How to use the Postie Plugin for WordPress

There is a great Post-By-Email plugin for WordPress called Postie. It extends the post-by-email feature that is built into WordPress. It allows you to connect to a mail server using SSL for a start. When posting by email, you also have the following options. 1) In the subject line of your email enclose of the… Read More »

Changing the Sticky Notes font on Windows.

1. Open RegEdit and navigate to icrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionFonts] 2. Export the key, to back it up. Just in case. 3. Look for the Segoe Print font. 4. Change what font file it points to. 5 Close RegEdit 6. Reboot You can also save the text below to a text file with a reg extension and… Read More »