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My first Blackberry application – Jot

My first application is up for sale on Blackberry App World ! Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World. It’s just a little program that allows you to “jot” down the time any event happens. You can group the events so you can keep track of multiple things.

Blackberry Wallpapers

I’m putting together a list of various places to get wallpapers for your Blackberry. is one of my favorite for both my dual screen desktop and my blackberry. also has some very nice wallpapers with some good colors that seem to work well on screens with lots of icons. For more have a… Read More »

Use AS3 to Grab Exif Data From a JPG Image

Haven’t tried it yet, hope to as soon as my ActionScript skills are up to it.

BlackBerry Certification Program

photo © 2010 Official Navy Page | more info (via: Wylio) Did you know that you can get certified to write Blackberry Apps, Install the software and Support Blackberry devices ? Find out more via Blackberry Certification Program site There seems to be only on place to get safe study guides though, Self-Study Guides by… Read More »

How to remove an IT policy from a Blackberry

1. Upgrade your Blackberry to OS 4.5 or higher 2. Backup your device using the Desktop Manager and then close Desktop Manager. 3. Go to Start->Run and type CMD (you can also find the command prompt in Programs >Accessories.) 4. In the command window type the following including spaces: cd c:program filescommon filesresearch in motionapploader… Read More »

Set the convenience key on you Blackberry 8800

  You can change the action associated with the convenience key on the left side of your Blackberry with these simple instructions.   1. Open Options 2. Scroll down to Screen/Keyboard, and click the track ball/pad. 3. Scroll down to Convenience Key Opens, set to Compose here, and click the track ball again. 4. Scroll… Read More »