Setting up a network printer in Solaris 10

Setting up a network printer is a bit more difficult in Solaris than it
is in Linux.
And it can be a tick to find a helpful page on the internet.

But I did manager to find this page, and I have added
a tip to my tips database about it


Almost ready for my OCP exam

I've been getting a very high score in my OCP practise exams lately. I feel I'm just about ready to do the real thing.
I want to do one or two more practises in 'exam condition' before I book the real thing though.

Theses exams make me nervous. It's not only the fear of failing, but the fear of 'wasting' the $175 it costs to do the exam.

Data Pump Import

For the last few years that I have been work as a DBA here, I have always used imp and exp to import and export data to the databases.
But with our recent increased used of 10g databases I have started to use impdp and expdp.

I felt that it would be better to use these versions rather that the outdated(?) versions. But the new syntax takes a little getting used to. But then again it took me a little while to be able to type and imp/dmp command without have to look it up or use an excel cheat sheet.

Monitoring of Alert Logs.

I read an interesting article here about monitoring the alert logs that Oracle writes. They offer some suggestions to use scripts or monitoring tools but no real information or examples.
I checked how we do it at work and remembered that I had written a script some time ago that runs grep over the alert log looking for anything starting with ORA- (any oracle error starts with ORA-).

Mail Host

I configured google apps and my domain today so that I can use the address and read the mail via a google interface.
It seems to work OK but I'm not sure if I have it setup OK or that i like it.
And i can't seem to apply themes to my inbox on my mc account like i can my normal gmail account. why not?

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