Month: November 2019

Removing a RHEL Subscription in one line

To remove a system from a RHEL subscription you first have to run, # subscription-manager list –consumed to get the serial number. Then pass that serial number to the remove command # subscription-manager remove –serial=<number> OR you can run this command, which does both # subscription-manager list –consumed | awk ‘/Serial:/ { system (“subscription-manager remove […]

Shell Redirect

Discard the output Sometimes you will need to execute a command, but you don’t want the output displayed on the screen. In such cases, you can discard the output by redirecting it to the file /dev/null − $ command > /dev/null Here command is the name of the command you want to execute. The file […]


When set on a directory, Setting the setgid permission on a directory (e.g. “chmod g+s”) it causes new files and subdirectories created within it to inherit its group ID, rather than the primary group ID of the user who created the file (the owner ID is never affected, only the group ID).