Use AS3 to Grab Exif Data From a JPG Image

Haven’t tried it yet, hope to as soon as my ActionScript skills are up to it.

How to use your Blackberry as a GPS tracker

Most Blackberries come with a built in GPS. I think this is a great feature, but I haven’t found allot of use for yet.
One use I did find however was as a GPS tracker. This allows me to track where I go on my motorcycle tours.
First you need to get beGPS from Blackberry App World
This is the free version, there is also a paid version with a few more options.
Then get GPSBabel from here to be able to convert the data that beGPS writes.
Once you have used beGPS the first time there should be a beGPS.log file on you Blackberry SD card. Copy the beGPS.log from off your Blackberry to your PC.
Then use GPSBabel to convert the log file to a KML file like this,


GPSBabel screen, note the translation options
or by the command prompt like this.
gpsbabel -i nmea -o kml begps.log begps.kml
Then you need to go to google maps and login with your Google account.
Go to My Maps, create a new map, and then use Import to import the KML file.

Compile Blackberry Playbook Applications without using Flash Builder

Blackberry have some great info on how to develop applications for their new Playbook HERE but it uses Adobe Flash Builder. Which you have to purchase at a significant cost from Adobe.
However there are alternatives. First, you’ll need to read the basics in THIS support form post. You’ll need the AdobeAIR SDK, the Blackberry Table OS SDK and optionally Flash Develop
You don’t have to use Flash Develop, you could use a plain text editor. But it is a very nice IDE to write in and does give you syntax highlighting. And it can compile the SWF file for you. You still have to create the batch file to launch your application into the virtual Playbook, but you can add that into the project and run it from there.
Good luck with your coding

How to remove an IT policy from a Blackberry

1. Upgrade your Blackberry to OS 4.5 or higher
2. Backup your device using the Desktop Manager and then close Desktop Manager.
3. Go to Start->Run and type CMD
(you can also find the command prompt in Programs >Accessories.)
4. In the command window type the following including spaces:
cd c:program filescommon filesresearch in motionapploader
or if you are using 64-bit Windows 7, type
cd c:program files (x86)common filesresearch in motionapploader
5. Now type: loader.exe/resettofactory
6. After your device has finished restarting, you can use the desktop manager software to restore all or some of your data.
from :

Set the convenience key on you Blackberry 8800


You can change the action associated with the convenience key on the left side of your Blackberry with these simple instructions.
1. Open Options

2. Scroll down to Screen/Keyboard, and click the track ball/pad.

3. Scroll down to Convenience Key Opens, set to Compose here, and click the track ball again.

4. Scroll up or down and select the option you want by clicking the track ball.
5. Press the Escape key, and click Save to save changes.