Old Application Downloads

I found a great site last night called OldApps.com.
It keeps old versions of applications available for download.
I was having trouble with the new version of iTunes (10.2.2), it seems to have broken the ‘organize media’ function. I was able to download 10.2.1 from this site.
I uninstalled 10.2.2, installed 10.2.1 and the organize media function now works.

Mount a ISO file in Solaris

Solaris Mount an ISO CD Image
Mounting an Existing ISO CD-ROM Image under Solaris UNIX
If your image name is cd.iso, you can type command:
# lofiadm -a /path/to/cd.iso
Please note that the file name argument on lofiadm must be fully qualified and the path must be absolute not relative (thanks to mike for tip).
/dev/lofi/1 is the device, use the same to mount iso image with mount command:
# mount -o ro -F hsfs /dev/lofi/1 /mnt
# cd /mnt
# ls -l
# df -k /mnt
Mount the loopback device as a randomly accessible file system with
mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/lofi/X /mnt.
Alternatively, use this combined format:
mount -F hsfs -o ro `lofiadm -a /path/to/image.iso` /mnt
via lofiadm: Solaris Mount an ISO CD Image.

How to remove an IT policy from a Blackberry

1. Upgrade your Blackberry to OS 4.5 or higher
2. Backup your device using the Desktop Manager and then close Desktop Manager.
3. Go to Start->Run and type CMD
(you can also find the command prompt in Programs >Accessories.)
4. In the command window type the following including spaces:
cd c:program filescommon filesresearch in motionapploader
or if you are using 64-bit Windows 7, type
cd c:program files (x86)common filesresearch in motionapploader
5. Now type: loader.exe/resettofactory
6. After your device has finished restarting, you can use the desktop manager software to restore all or some of your data.
from : http://www.blackberryforums.com/rim-software/67224-remove-policy.html