Taking Ownership Of Your Performance Reviews

from flicker
from flicker

Meg Bear at Talented Apps have a great article called Missing the point, so you don’t have to. It’s about taking ownership of your performance reviews at your work. She makes some very good points.
I’ve been very careluess about my reviews of late and had begun to think that whole thing was a bit of a joke. Meg was woken me up though and I’m going to start to take a much more active role in it.
Hopefully this will result in something at review time, but I’m still a bit sceptical about that.

Stop It Right Now


Starting in June I will be doing non-technical posts on the weekends. To kick this off I have a list of 16 things that Glen from PluginID suggest you stop doing to improve yourself.
I’m OK on his First List, I  need to work on only number 1 and number 8.
But on his Second List, I need to do a bit more work.
Glen has a good site, some very helpful tips and insightfull comments there. Have a look.

TypingWeb Offers Free Typing Lessons

by 500CPM

One of the most useful things I learned early on in my computing career was how to type. I’m no typing wise, but I can touch type with a reasonable level of accuracy.  But typing software or typing courses can be expensive.
Enter TypingWeb, it offers free tying lesson on the web.
Via : Lifehacker – TypingWeb Offers Free Typing Lessons.