Month: February 2009


I got myself and iPod touch recently and it is really good. Recently I've started looking into writingspplications for it. I've had some expirence (and success) writing apps for a Windows mobile device, but these iPod touch/iphones use objective-c which is very different from C#. And while it would be interesting to learn and have […]

Oracle 7 and 9

Finally finished dealing with Oracle 7.3.4, for now. Gee it's a pain touse. It's been both an interesting learning experience and a nightmareto try and setup the few databases for development. Now I'm onto setting up a few 9i databases for testing. The mostinteresting part was trying to get the listener on the server to […]

Being a dad

It's hard work being a dad sometimes. Being the one who has to be tough and enforce the rules and sometimes make you little girl cry. I know it's for the best, but it's still tough. ——————–Sent from my iPod Touch 16GB