Month: May 2009

Oracle Date Arithmetic

Donald over at the Burleson Consulting web site has a very useful looking Q & A on how to do date arithmetic in Oracle. While it’s not something I or probably many people will need to use every day, it might come in very handy next time you do need to calculate how many days […]

Trouble syncing iTunes Videos

One of the main reason I purchased my iPod Touch was to watch videos on the train on the way to work. And this has been work out great for me. One of the small problems I had was there seemed to be certain show that it didn’t want to sync properly. I have the […]

Multiple Profiles in Firefox

I was recently reading an LifeHacker blog post about how to setup an SSH proxy for ‘secure’ web browsing from a non secure location. While this was interesting, I don’t really need it. One thing it didn’t mention that peaked my interest was that you can use multiple Firefox profiles. I hadn’t realized this. It’s […]

Media Center Thumbnail Image Size

Although Windows 7 media center does a very good job of creating thumbnails for all the videos, sometimes they’re just not good enough. Luckly there is a simple answer. Simply put a JPG file in the same location as the movie file, with the same name (but different extension of course) and media center will […]

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