Month: June 2009

Mac4Lin Linux Desktop Theme

I use a Solaris desktop at work and like using it allot. I’ve never liked the default theme that comes with the Solaris Java Desktop so I started using the Gnome desktop. But even then I had trouble finding a theme that I really liked. Until I came across the Mac4Lin “theme” on SourgceForge. It […]

Going Back To Basics

When I first started this site it was more of a tips and tricks site for myself. I had a small MySQL database behind a Apache/PHP web site that I used to make little notes on how to do things. So that a month of two down the track when I had to do it […]

Stop It Right Now

Starting in June I will be doing non-technical posts on the weekends. To kick this off I have a list of 16 things that Glen from PluginID suggest you stop doing to improve yourself. I’m OK on his First List, I  need to work on only number 1 and number 8. But on his Second […]

TypingWeb Offers Free Typing Lessons

One of the most useful things I learned early on in my computing career was how to type. I’m no typing wise, but I can touch type with a reasonable level of accuracy.  But typing software or typing courses can be expensive. Enter TypingWeb, it offers free tying lesson on the web. Via : Lifehacker […]

Moving a database to a new ORACLE_HOME

I recently had a request at work to upgrade a database to Now normally this would be a fairly simple request. However, on the server the customers database is running on, the oracle home in question is shared by about 5 different databases. Now I don’t want to upgrade all the databases, just […]

How to elevate in Vista without prompting

I was recently researching how to run an application in Vista with higher privileges, without having it prompt me with the “are you sure” message. The best I could find was this work around that basically involves setting up a scheduled task, which you can set to run with higher privileges, then making a shortcut to run that scheduled […]

Portable apps for USB Drives

The guys over at LifeHacker have a great article on how to Turn Your Spare Thumb Drives Into Feature-Packed Giveaway Drives. I don’t have as many thumbs drives laying around as they do, but I did find it a very useful list of applications. Some I was already using, other were a good find. Keep […]