Month: August 2009

Enable Flashback in an Oracle 10g

One of the cool new features of Oracle 10g is Flasback. “Flashback Database quickly rewinds an Oracle database to a previous point in time to correct any problems caused by logical data corruptions or user errors. Flashback Database is like a “rewind button” for your database. It is similar to conventional point-in-time recovery in its […]

Resetting the OMS password

We’ve had an Oracle Manage Server (OMS) running here at work for some time now. I think it was setup by a DBA who worked here years ago. The previous DBA didn’t use it so when I came to the job he told me to just login locally to OEM and not worry about using […]

Sending Mail using PL/SQL

I have been playing with Oracle Management Server at work receenty to try and mke the management of all our Oracle 8i and 9i databases a little easier. One of the thing I want to setup was something to monitor the amount of tablespace left in each tablespace. I already had a clunky way to […]

Recreating your iTunes library

I keep all my media (music, TV, movies, etc) on my media center or home theatre PC. But I connect my iTouch to a different computer. So of course I have to have some network drives mapped to my media PC to sync all my music. This works fine, until you rebuild your media PC […]

Windows Home Server

In July I got an email from Microsoft advertising several things, one of which was a Home Server 120-day trial.  I’d read about it some months ago when I was thinking of building a NAS at home,  but wasn’t sure what it could do. For the past week or so I have been doing testing […]