Learn to program for the Blackberry Playbook with code samples. Intro.

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I’m trying to teach myself ActionScript to be able to develop applications for the Blackberry Playbook.
After a bit of a false start when I was tried jumping in at the deep end and trying to pull information out of a SQL Lite database, I decided that I should probably stop, go back to the beginning and start with something simple, and then and work my way up.
I decided that as I went I would share my little code sample with everyone in a series of posts in case they help out someone else also.
Here’s what you need to follow along:

Install them in the order listed above. You also need to add the path to the Tablet OS SDK into your systems PATH environment variable.


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  1. Tim Cason

    May 22, 2011 4:04 pm

    Thanks. I’m having a hard time finding a lot of people developing for the Playbook. I’m wondering what your experience has been working with some of the code. I feel like people are avoiding BB development like the plague.
    Thanks Again,


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