Month: May 2011

Old Application Downloads

I found a great site last night called It keeps old versions of applications available for download. I was having trouble with the new version of iTunes (10.2.2), it seems to have broken the ‘organize media’ function. I was able to download 10.2.1 from this site. I uninstalled 10.2.2, installed 10.2.1 and the organize […]

Mount a ISO file in Solaris

Solaris Mount an ISO CD Image Mounting an Existing ISO CD-ROM Image under Solaris UNIX If your image name is cd.iso, you can type command: # lofiadm -a /path/to/cd.iso Output: /dev/lofi/1 Please note that the file name argument on lofiadm must be fully qualified and the path must be absolute not relative (thanks to mike […]

Blackberry Wallpapers

I’m putting together a list of various places to get wallpapers for your Blackberry. is one of my favorite for both my dual screen desktop and my blackberry. also has some very nice wallpapers with some good colors that seem to work well on screens with lots of icons. For more have a […]