Month: February 2017

Take pictures of the screen on your Mac

Press Shift-Command-3 to take a picture of the whole screen. To capture just part of the screen, press Shift-Command-4. To take a picture of a window, press Shift-Command-4-Space bar, move the pointer over the window, then click. To cancel, press Escape before you click. After you take a screenshot, it appears as a PNG file […]

Changing a monolithic disk to a split disk in VMware Workstation

  This article provides the steps to change a monolithic disk (a virtual machine disk contained in a single file) into to a split disk (a virtual machine disk split into 2GB files) in VMware Workstation. TIP : You need VMware Workstation, not just VMware Player.  

Create a new AWS Instance

1. Click Services in the top left corner 2. Click EC2 3. Click the Launch Instance button in about the middle of the page 4. Click Select next to “Amazon Linux – Free Tier eligible” 5. Make sure the blue box next to the t2.micro free eligible is selected 6. Click Next: Configure instance details 7. […]

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