Enable Plugin Installation on AWS EC2 Instances

If you have setup an Linux instance in AWS with WordPress and are having trouble installing plugins because it is asking for an FTP username and password. All you have to do is run this command and then it won't ask you anymore, it will just install them. sudo chown -R apache:apache /var/www/html

iPhone 7 Frozen

I got my iPhone stuck somehow today, it wouldn't respond to touches and then wouldn't turn off/sleep. When I held the power/sleep button down for a few seconds (10?) it displayed a "loading circle" and sat there. I then discovered that if you that to force restart the iPhone 7, you have to press the volume down and the sleep button. I did that and it restarted and all was good.

How do I hide iTunes music purchases on iPhone ?

The ability to enable/disable showing iTunes purchases still exists, but it's now in the iTunes app itself. Launch the app and then click on the pull down which allows you to select iTunes listings like by artist, album. In the picture below, tap the red Artists word just below the album art. Image removed.

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