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Old Application Downloads

I found a great site last night called It keeps old versions of applications available for download. I was having trouble with the new version of iTunes (10.2.2), it seems to have broken the ‘organize media’ function. I was able to download 10.2.1 from this site. I uninstalled 10.2.2, installed 10.2.1 and the organize […]

Recreating your iTunes library

I keep all my media (music, TV, movies, etc) on my media center or home theatre PC. But I connect my iTouch to a different computer. So of course I have to have some network drives mapped to my media PC to sync all my music. This works fine, until you rebuild your media PC […]

Trouble syncing iTunes Videos

One of the main reason I purchased my iPod Touch was to watch videos on the train on the way to work. And this has been work out great for me. One of the small problems I had was there seemed to be certain show that it didn’t want to sync properly. I have the […]

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