format a disk to fat32 on raspberry pi or linux

------ part 1 ------- create partitions 1) get list of disks # fdisk -l 2) Find disk in list, /dev/??? in this example /dev/sda 3) run fdisk again and specify disk # fdisk /dev/sda 4) print current partiions Command (m for help): p 5) use the d command to delete any of the existing partitiond Command (m for help): d you may have to run this multiple times if there is more that 1 partition. 6) print current partiion list again, to make sure its empty Command (m for help): p 7) Use the o command to create a new DOS partition table Command (m for help): o 8) use the n command to create a new partition Command (m for help): n accept all defaults 9) use the t command to change the partition type Command (m for help): t use the hex code b to select W95 FAT 32 10) use the w command to write changes to disk. Command (m for help): w ----- part 2 ---------- create filesystem 1) mkfs -t vfat /dev/sda1

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