How to use the Postie Plugin for WordPress

There is a great Post-By-Email plugin for WordPress called Postie. It extends the post-by-email feature that is built into WordPress. It allows you to connect to a mail server using SSL for a start.
When posting by email, you also have the following options.
1) In the subject line of your email enclose of the category of the post in square brackets/braces
2) At the start of the text you want to appear in the post, put a colon then the word start
3) At the end of the post text, put a colon and the word end.
4) If you want to include tags, put the word tags, then a colon, then a space then the tags you want separated by a comma and a space. After the colon and end statement, I think.
Note: sometimes the posts don’t appear all that quickly. If not then try going to your website and refresh the page a couple of times. 

Sending Mail using PL/SQL

by m-c
by m-c

I have been playing with Oracle Management Server at work receenty to try and mke the management of all our Oracle 8i and 9i databases a little easier.
One of the thing I want to setup was something to monitor the amount of tablespace left in each tablespace. I already had a clunky way to do it using PL/SQL, shell scripts and web pages. But OMS looked like a better way to do it.
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