iOS Mail not syncing with Outlook

I’ve stuck with the built in mail app for my iPhone 7, it works OK for my purposes, most of the time.
Every now and again if I delete or move emails in Outlook on my desktop, they will stay in my Inbox on my iPhone. I will update, refresh, restart all of that and nothing works.
I was removing my Outlook account from the phone and putting it back, but I’ve found an easier way.

  1. Make sure the mail app is at the mailboxes screen, where you choose which mailbox or inbox to open.
  2. Switch to Settings
  3. Tap Mail
  4. Tap Accounts
  5. Tap Outlook
  6. Turn off Mail, go back to Mailboxes and check Outlook has been removed.
  7. Switch back to Settings
  8. Turn Mail on again.
  9. Switch back to Mailboxes and Outlook should be there again and syncnorized with the server.


How to pin to the start menu, and not its redirect

If you’ve tried to pin to the start menu of you Windows 8 Surface or desktop you will have probably only been able to pin the redirect, http://<random>
Here’s how to pin

  1. Turn of the Internet connection.
    Turn on flight mode is probably the easiest way to do that.
  2. Open Internet Explorer in full screen mode (a.k.a. Metro mode)
  3. You’ll get a “can’t get to web site” message
  4. But the URL in the address bar will still be
  5. And the pin button will be active !
  6. Pin it.
  7. Rename the icon
  8. Turn flight mode off again.

Fixing Outlook reminders

If your Outlook meeting and task reminders have stopped appearing, try these steps to fix them.

  • If Outlook is not running, start Outlook, and keep Outlook running to receive reminders.
  • When you create reminders, verify that they are saved in your primary Calendar or Task folder.
  • Exit Outlook, click Start, point to Run, type outlook /cleanreminders, and then click OK.
  • Exit Outlook, click Start, point to Run, type outlook /resetfolders, and click OK. Use this method if the /cleanreminders switch does not resolve the problem.