Using Putty with a PPK Key File

Using Putty with a PPK Key File
If you have a PPK file that you need to use to connect to a server, say an AWS instance, here’s how.

  1. Enter your public DNS name in the Host name field.

2. Expand the Connection branch on the left and then select Auth.
3. Us the Browse Button to find and select your PPK file.
4. Select the Session branch again, enter a session name, and click on save

5. To connect to the server, click Open
To generate a PPK file from a PEM file, see my post here.

Using PuttyKeyGen to generate a PPK file

How to use PuttyKeyGen to generate a PPK file from a PEM file.

  1. Download you PEM File from AWS
  2. Copy it to a safe location
  3. Download either the entire Putty package and install everything, or just get Putty.exe and PuttyGen.exe
    It can be downloaded from here
  4. Open PuttyGen
  5. Click file, then load private key
  6. Select all files from the drop down list
  7. Select pem file, click open
  8. Make sure ssh-2 RSA is selected.
  9. Click save private key
  10. Enter a name for the ppk file and save

Unix Terminal Colors

When using a puTTY or terminal window to a Unix server some people like to set the colours of the text or background, some people don’t.
Sometimes I like to set the text colour to be like to old school Amber monitors.
To do this I use following colour settings
RED: 255, GREEN: 128, BLUE: 0
If also found a very nice blue colour once that I use occasionally.
RED: 5, GREEN: 150, BLUE: 229
If I want an old school green screen look, i usually just go with,
RED: 0, GREEN: 255, BLUE: 0