How to restore your hard drive from a Time Machine backup

How to restore your hard drive from a Time Machine backup

Whether you're having major problems with your current hard drive or upgrading to a new Mac, Time Machine can help you get back to business.
  1. Power up your Mac and hold down the Command and R keys to enter the macOS Recovery Partition.

6 Text Navigation Shortcuts for Mac

6 Text Navigation Shortcuts The first group of keyboard shortcuts allow for quickly moving around text:
  • Jump to beginning of a line– Command+Left Arrow
  • Jump to end of a line– Command+Right Arrow
  • Jump to beginning of current word– Option+Right Arrow
  • Jump to end of current word– Option+Right Arrow
  • Jump to beginning of all text– Command+Up Arrow
  • Jump to end of all text – Command+Down Arrow
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Getting Started with CocoaPods

  1. make sure the ruby system is up to date
    1. $ sudo gem update --system
  2. install cocoapods
    1. $ sudo gem install cocoapods
    2. If you get an error message about fuzzy_match, try this command instead,
    3. $ sudo gem install -n /usr/local/bin cocoapods
  3. setup the pods
    1. $ pod setup
To Test / use cocoa pods
  1. Create a new single view project in Xcode
  2. Quit Xcode
  3. navigate to the folder of the new proj

How to record an App Preview

1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to you Mac 2. Open Quick Time Player 3. From the File menu, Choose new Movie recording 4. Fromt the drop down next to the record button choose you iphone/ipad for video and microphone 5. Click record 6. Do steps 7. Click Stop 8. File | Save 9. Add name, click Save 10. Close quick time player 11. Open imovie 12. From the File menu, choose new app preview
you may have to go back to the projects screen first 13. If you get the app previews info screen click OK 14. Drag and drop your recording from steps 1-9 into the bottom half of the iMovies window 15.

How to run a shell script in OS X by double-clicking

  • First in terminal make the script executable by typing: chmod a+x (yourscriptname)
  • Then, in Finder, right-click your file and select "Open with" and then "Other...".
  • Here you select the application you want the file to execute into, in this case it would be Terminal.
  • To be able to select terminal you need to switch from "Recommended Applications" to "All Applications". NOTE: The Terminal.app application can be found i

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