Installing Wordpress on a FreeNAS Jail

After creating a basic jail do this: Step 1 Configue the the Jail to Use SSH Step 2 - Setup Apache, MySQL and PHP - NOTE: Make changes for your version of PHP with minor changes from Step 3 - install workpress

Manually importing a FreeNAS Jail

I just had this same issue today and came across your post. The reason mine crashed was because the plugin i was importing was huge (about 10GB in size). --What i ended up having to do was manually create a dataset. Im using plex as an example. zfs create zpool/iocage/jails/Plex or use the GUI --Then unzip the file that you got from your export. I unzipped it to the iocage/images folder.

Installing software into a FreeNAS jail

Go to Jails On the right side of the page click the triple dots next to the Plex jail and select Shell type "whoami" and make sure the response is root (if not use su - or sudo) type vi /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/FreeBSD.conf and press enter If the file exists, look for a line with "FreeBSD: { enabled: no }" and change the no to a yes OR If the file is empty type out "FreeBSD: { enabled: yes }" (if you are unfamiliar with vi, to edit just press the letter "a" then type the above stuff without the quotes) To save, hit the escape button twice and type ":wq" w

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