How to Change Your Computer Name on Mac OS X

How to Change Your Computer Name on Mac OS X

When you’re sharing stuff back and forth between your computers, the names of those computers actually start to matter — in my case, I upgraded to a new MacBook Air because my old one has a dead screen and is out of warranty, so I made it into a desktop with an external monitor. That’s when I got an error that my two Macs had the same name. Oops! Luckily it’s an extremely easy fix.

Just open up System Preferences, go to Sharing, and change the computer name. Done!

You can also change it from the Terminal using this command, though obviously it’s much simpler to just change it under Sharing.

sudo scutil --set HostName [NewHostNameHere]

How to Change Your Default Terminal Prompt in Mac OS X Lion – Matt Mazur

How to Change Your Default Terminal Prompt in Mac OS X Lion

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By default, when you open up a new Terminal window in Mac OS X the command prompt displays a relatively long name:

I prefer to shorten this to a simple dollar sign ($) in order to free up space.

To change your default command line prompt, follow these instructions:

1) Navigate to your home directory:

cd ~

2) Create a file called .bash_profile

vi .bash_profile

3) Add the following line (press i)

export PS1="$ "

4) Save the file (press Escape, type :wq and hit Enter)

5) Restart Terminal

You should now see something like this:

There are other ways you can configure the command prompt (for example, showing the current time), but I prefer to keep it simple.


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