What’s all the fuss about Ubuntu ?

Image by yum9me
Image by yum9me

I see that Ubuntu has released a new version of its desktop edition. It seems to be a very popular distribution although I haven’t used it myself much, but I might give this new version a try for a while.

I’ve used Red Hat a little and I was running a Debian server at home for a while. I know its not linux at all, but I kind of prefer Solaris 10. It’s what I use at work and what I’m most used to (aside from Windows). Although I will grant you, some things are easier to do in Linux. But Solaris feels like a real operating system.

Juscelino over at J.M.A daily has an interesting post about the 5 reasons linux will never be better than windows. I agree with most of what he says. Although many things about using and installing Linux has become easier over the years, Microsoft has spent and will continue to spend millions and probably billions of dollars developing software that is easy to use for as many people as possible.

Seven Essential Applications For Bloggers

Image by laRuth
Image by laRuth

I still a little new to this whole blogging thing, so I keep my eye out for anything that will help me out. Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger has a great list of Seven Essential Applications For Bloggers Using Windows.

They are

  1. Windows Live Writer
  2. Evernote
  3. FeedDemon RSS Reader
  4. Q10
  5. FileZilla
  6. FastStone Capture
  7. TweetDeck

The first application I tried was EverNote, and it’s great! It allows me to make a note of web sites and stuff easily for reference later on. I love it, I’m a convert.

To read more go to Darren’s post or continue reading to see my review of the applications I’ve used.

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Windows 7 RC1 Arrives May 5

Image by evitc
Image by evitc and Microsoft

Kevin Purdy over at LifeHacker reports that the Official Windows 7 Release Candidate Arrives on May 5th.

I managed to sign up for and get a beta copy and I’m also subscribed to the Windows 7 Team Blog so I’m hoping to get a copy.
I’m really only using it for my media center PC at the moment, but it works really nicely for that.

How about you, are you itching to get your hands on the RC version ?

TuneUp Your Music Collection

I found a program the other day called TuneUp that fixes all the song information (track title, album title & album art) for all your music in iTunes. I only tried the free 100 song version as I have already done most of my by hand now. But for the few albums I did do, it seemed to work reasonably well.

Although I didn’t get one album wrong. Unfortnatuly I didn’t realise this until after I had let iTunes change the album title. Oh well.