Trouble syncing iTunes Videos

by Eoghan Uttley
by Eoghan Uttley

One of the main reason I purchased my iPod Touch was to watch videos on the train on the way to work. And this has been work out great for me. One of the small problems I had was there seemed to be certain show that it didn’t want to sync properly.

I have the TV Shows set to sync the “5 least recent unwatched”, and this works OK for most TV shows that I add to iTunes myself. However for one particular show, it seemed to be choosing episode 10 onwards, instead of episode 1 onwards. I couldn’t for the life of me work out why. All the files had the same date, the same time. There was no reason.

Then I found The Complete Guide to Managing iTunes Videos at the iLounge.

In their guide I found that “when dealing with the various ‘recent’ settings, iTunes bases this on the date the episode was added to iTunes, not on the episode number, episode ID, or release date.”

After reading that I removed all the episodes from my library, added them again all at once, and tried sync’ing again.

It works!

Thank you iLounge.

Multiple Profiles in Firefox

by cassidydr
by cassidydr

I was recently reading an LifeHacker blog post about how to setup an SSH proxy for ‘secure’ web browsing from a non secure location. While this was interesting, I don’t really need it. One thing it didn’t mention that peaked my interest was that you can use multiple Firefox profiles.

I hadn’t realized this. It’s not too hard to setup, but you do need to do some command line trickery. I thought it might be useful to setup on my work laptop. At work I need to use a proxy, but if I take my laptop home, I don’t use a proxy. So a quick way to swap between proxy and no-proxy would be very handy.