Resetting the OMS password

by Richard Parmiter
by Richard Parmiter

We’ve had an Oracle Manage Server (OMS) running here at work for some time now. I think it was setup by a DBA who worked here years ago. The previous DBA didn’t use it so when I came to the job he told me to just login locally to OEM and not worry about using it.

I had some spare time the other day and thought I would have a look into what it could do. One of the first problems I ran into though was that I had to reset my password. Of course I didn’t have the admin password, and the last DBA doesn’t work here any more. So I had to find out how to reset the sysman password.

Here’s what I found….

  1. Connect to the database as the OEM owner.
    shell> sqlplus "oem/passwd@SID"

    If you’re not sure who this is, login as sys and then find the owner of the SMP_VDU_PRINCIPALS_TABLE table;

    SQL> select owner, object_name from dba_objects where object_name = 'SMP_VDU_PRINCIPALS_TABLE';
  2. Run the vduResetSysman.sql script that is in the $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/admin directory.
    SQL> @/oracle/product/
  3. Login to OEM as sysman/oem_temp
    You will be prompted for a new password.
  4. Create another user for each of the DBAs or reset your password as required.

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