Configure wget to use a proxy server

by Jared Klett
by Jared Klett

I was playing with Ubuntu at work the other day and need to use wget to get some updates. But it wasn’t working because I was behind a proxy server. Now I had set the environment variables HTTP_PROXY and FTP_PROXY up so I though it should work.

But apparently that’s not all you need to do. You also need to add the following line to you  ~/.wgetrc file:

http_proxy =
use_proxy = on
wait = 15

vi wget and the proxy server.

Bootable Windows 7 Installation Thumb Drive

by Mollivan Jon
by Mollivan Jon

I came across an interesting article the other day that had Seven steps to a bootable Windows 7 thumb drive.
I went thought their steps, which are all pretty simple and it worked great. So if you’re looking to install Windows 7 and what it to book a little faster give this a try.

NOTE : They suggest you download WinRAR and use that to unpack the ISO file. You can also do that with 7zip. Which is a great program by the way.

Windows Media Center keyboard shortcuts

by Quinn deEskimo
by Quinn deEskimo

I’ve been using Windows Media Center for some time now on my media center PC (the one connected to my TV) and I love it.
It’s easy to use, simple to setup, its just great. It’s even simple enough for the wife to use !

But I’ve been doing some testing with WMC recently on a laptop and not had a Windows Remote to use. The mouse is a bit clunky to use so I went looking to see if there are any keyboard short cuts for it. It turns out there are : Windows Media Center keyboard shortcuts