How to Use AWS CLI to copy everything from your bucket

If you want to copy everything from a S3 bucket to the current directory, you can use the following command

C:temp> aws s3 cp s3://bucketname/ . --include "*" --recursive

This assumes that you have already installed and configured the the AWS CLI tools.
To install the tools, do a search for “AWS CLI tools”.
To configure them, use

C:> aws configure

You will need to know have setup an IAM account and need to know the Access key ID and the Secret access key for the account and the region code for your account. Note that the region you specify when running configure probably isn’t what you see it the top right corner of the AWS console. See the list of regions and their code here :

Turn Color off in VI

  1. Browse to your user directory with the following command:
    cd ~
  2. Create a .vimrc file with the following command:
    vi .vimrc
  3. Click i for insert mode.
  4. Type the following command below to disable syntax:
    syntax off
  5. Hold Shift and hit : then type wq to save and quit the file.