How to record an App Preview

1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to you Mac
2. Open Quick Time Player
3. From the File menu, Choose new Movie recording
4. Fromt the drop down next to the record button choose you iphone/ipad for video and microphone
5. Click record
6. Do steps
7. Click Stop
8. File | Save
9. Add name, click Save
10. Close quick time player
11. Open imovie
12. From the File menu, choose new app preview
you may have to go back to the projects screen first
13. If you get the app previews info screen click OK
14. Drag and drop your recording from steps 1-9 into the bottom half of the iMovies window
15. File | Share | App Preview 
Or use the share button in the top right corner and choose app preview
16. Type a new title if required and click next
17. Type name if required, click save
18. Wait for iMovie to process
19. Click Close
20. Exit iMovie

iOS Mail not syncing with Outlook

I’ve stuck with the built in mail app for my iPhone 7, it works OK for my purposes, most of the time.

Every now and again if I delete or move emails in Outlook on my desktop, they will stay in my Inbox on my iPhone. I will update, refresh, restart all of that and nothing works.
I was removing my Outlook account from the phone and putting it back, but I’ve found an easier way.

  1. Make sure the mail app is at the mailboxes screen, where you choose which mailbox or inbox to open.
  2. Switch to Settings
  3. Tap Mail
  4. Tap Accounts
  5. Tap Outlook
  6. Turn off Mail, go back to Mailboxes and check Outlook has been removed.
  7. Switch back to Settings
  8. Turn Mail on again.
  9. Switch back to Mailboxes and Outlook should be there again and syncnorized with the server.



iPhone 7 Frozen

I got my iPhone stuck somehow today, it wouldn’t respond to touches and then wouldn’t turn off/sleep.
When I held the power/sleep button down for a few seconds (10?) it displayed a “loading circle” and sat there.

I then discovered that if you that to force restart the iPhone 7, you have to press the volume down and the sleep button.

I did that and it restarted and all was good.

Configure gmail to delete and not archive mail on iOS devices

When you add a gmail account to an iOS device, the default “swipe left” action when discarding email is to archive the email, whereas for all other accounts (i.e. hotmail) the default action is delete.

If you want to change that, here’s how.

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Tap Gmail
  4. Tap Account
  5. Tap Advanced (at the bottom of the screen, you may have to scroll down)
  6. In the “MOVE DISCARDED MESSAGES INTO section, select either Deleted Mailbox or Archive Mailbox
  7. Press the Home button

How do I hide iTunes music purchases on iPhone ?

The ability to enable/disable showing iTunes purchases still exists, but it’s now in the iTunes app itself.

Launch the app and then click on the pull down which allows you to select iTunes listings like by artist, album.

In the picture below, tap the red Artists word just below the album art.


This will bring up this menu, scroll to the bottom,


and slide the Only Offline Music to the on position.