Music from The Unusuals

I recently started watching a new show called “The Unusuals”, its a kind of cop drama/comedy. I think it is really good. It has several good points, but one of them is the music they use. I’ve taken list from The Unusuals Blog and added links to the songs that are available via iTunes.

Epsode 1: Pilot

  • Lykke Li – I’m Good, I’m Gone (Beginning) [iTunes]
  • Channel Two – The Beat Is [iTunes]
  • Teddybears – Cobrastyle (Chase Scene) [iTunes] – Only available with an album purchase
  • Miss TK and The Revenge – No Biterz [iTunes]
  • Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – Bollywood [iTunes]
  • Enemy Voices – Murder

Episode 2: Boorland Day

  • Mr. Badwrench – 39 Southland
  • Measles – That’s All She’ll Get When I’m Dead
  • Florence And The Machine – Dog Days Are Over (Ending Of The Episode: Walsh kisses Beaumont)

Episode 3: One Man Band

  • Beastie Boys – Ch-Check It Out (beginning of the episode) [iTunes]
  • No Children – Intenta Una Vez Mas
  • The Knux – Bang! Bang! (Delahoy & Banks enter the murder shop) [iTunes]
  • Kahn Brothers – Lord Lord Lord (Ending Of The Episode) [iTunes]

Episode 4: Crime Slut

  • Kully B & Gussy – Boom Shot Dis
  • Vallejo – Believe It (Over You)
  • Chapeaumelon – Encore Une Nuit (Just Another Night)
  • Cat Power – Metal Heart (Ending Of The Episode) [iTunes]

Episode 5: 42

  • BOK music – Sari Sky (Naked Rhythm)
  • The Fire Theft – Chain [iTunes]
  • Jennifer O’Connor – Yer Copout

Episode 6: The Circle Line

  • Do you know what songs they used?
  • Please let me know.
  • Thanks.

If you know where I can get some of the other tracks, I’d love to know. Thanks.

From : Music – The Unusuals.

Decrease the chances of Your WordPress Blog Getting Hacked

Image by Juan23
Image by Juan23

I haven’t been using WordPress for all that long so I’m not sure how much of a problem this actually is, but this post How to Stop Your WordPress Blog Getting Hacked over on SEM Labs has some good security measures that are probably a good idea to put in place just in case.

I did what ones I could. Some measures are dependent on where and how you have your blog hosts. I’d suggest doing what you can, make regular backups and hope for the best. 🙂

Windows 7 RC1 is here

Installing Windows 7
Image by impresa.mccabe ( and Microsoft )

Microsoft have realease The Windows 7 Release Candidate RC to the public, you can download it from HERE.

The install is pretty simple, and possible faster than any previous version of Windows. But if you’re having troubles then the guys over at LiferHacker also have a good Guide to Upgrading to Windows 7 RC.

I’m only using it for my media center PC at the moment, but I quite like it. The only reasons I’m not using on my main PC is that I don’t have allot of time to rebuild and tweak it, and it’s working quite well with Vista at the moment. Once the retail version comes out I’ll upgrade my main PC, but until then I’ll stick with Vista.

fsck guide

Image by Karsoe
Image by Karsoe

Over in the Sun General Maintenance forms I found a good thread on the uses of fsck called fsck best practises guide. While I wouldn’t necessarily take it as a be all and end all manual on how to use fsck. It does make a good guide or starting point.

You must judge when and how to use fsck yourself given your environment and the scope of the problem you are experiencing.

Dropbox Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.

Image by DropBox
Image by DropBox

I was reading a post over on LifeHacker about some the Top 10 Ubuntu downloads and one of the applications they mentioned was Dropbox. I’d seen the name around before but hadn’t gotten around to trying it yet. So I decided it was time.

It’s pretty good. If you use Windows, Ubuntu or Red Hat you can install a client that basically creates a new folder in your Documents or My Documents folder. This folder is actually a kind of ‘web folder’. Anything you put in this folder, that appears to be on your desktop, is actually copied up to the web.

When you go to another computer that also has the dropbox client installed on it and setup with your account, will be able to access the same document(s). I found it sort of like using a USB key, but easier. I can simple copy a file into my dropbox at work and then access the same file at home, without having to search for the USB key in my bag, plug it in, navigate to the drive, etc, etc, etc.

If for some reason you can’t install the client, you can still access it via the web page, which also works well from an iPhone/iTouch for view the documents.

Have you tried DropBox? What do you think?

5 grep tips

Image by Harshad Sharma
Image by Harshad Sharma

Here’s a few tips for using grep.

NOTE : Some of these will work with your version of grep, some may not. In Solaris there can be two or three different versions of grep available. If one of these doesn’t work for you, try reading the man page for your version.

1. Use a pipe to search for multiple items.

shell> grep -P 'text|name' file.txt

2. Use xargs to search in sub-directories.

shell> find . | xargs grep whatever

3. Search for a string starting with a uppercase or lower case s.
shell> grep [Ss]tring

4.  Remove the grep process from the output

shell> ps aux | grep '[p]erl'

5. Finding string with color highlighting

shell> grep --color='auto' -i error /var/log/messages

5 Reasons I like Windows 7 Media Center

Installing Windows 7
Image by impresa.mccabe ( and Microsoft )

I’ve been using Windows 7 on my media center PC for a few months now and wanted to share some of the reasons why I really like it.

1. No third party codecs
I didn’t have to mess around loading any third party codec programs. It plays DivX and MP4 videos natively.

2. Resume playback.
When you stop a video and come back to it later, even after watching another video, Windows 7 will ask you if you want to resume playback from where you left off. Very useful.

3. It just works.
It was easy to install and setup, and I didn’t have to do any messing around to get it to play my media. It just worked.

4. Media Libraries.
Windows 7 has a new feature called libraries. To add media to media system you simly right click on the folder and choose add to library, then select the folder that you want to add the media too.

5. It’s easy to use.
The menu system is easy to navigate and eveything is easy to find.

To be honest there is one or twp things that I don’t like about Windows 7 Media Center

1. Pictures and video together.
This is only a small gripe. But I’d prefer picture and video to be seperate menu options like they were in XP MCE, not together like they are in VMC and W7MC.

2. Black Thumbnails.
It creates thumbs nails ok but it seems to create the thumb nail from a frame just a few frames on from the start of the video. Which most of the time seems to be black. So while all my videos have nice thumb nails, most are simply black. This seems to have been fixed with build 7077