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Apple Watch Model Numbers

1st Gen / 7000 Series Series 1 Series 2 38mm 42mm 38mm 42mm 38mm 42mm A1553 A1554 A1802 A1803 A1757 A1758 A1816 MP022X/A MP032X/A MP082X/A MP062X/A MNNL2X/A MNNG2X/A MNNL2X/A MQ152X/A MP062X/A MNPJ2X/A MP0A2X/A MQ192X/A

6 Text Navigation Shortcuts for Mac

6 Text Navigation Shortcuts The first group of keyboard shortcuts allow for quickly moving around text: Jump to beginning of a line– Command+Left Arrow Jump to end of a line– Command+Right Arrow Jump to beginning of current word– Option+Right Arrow Jump to end of current word– Option+Right Arrow Jump to beginning of all text– Command+Up… Read More »

Getting Started with CocoaPods

Installation make sure the ruby system is up to date $ sudo gem update –system install cocoapods $ sudo gem install cocoapods If you get an error message about fuzzy_match, try this command instead, $ sudo gem install -n /usr/local/bin cocoapods setup the pods $ pod setup To Test / use cocoa pods Create a… Read More »

How to burn an ISO to a USB stick

Here is how to write a ISO file to a USB stick so you can boot from it. Run the diskutil command to get a list of disk. Be very careful to make sure you select the correct disk. Here its easy its the only one that is 8.0GB in size. NOTE: I have removed… Read More »

Optionals in Swift 3

Swift Optionals A type the either has a “wrapped” value or is nil. e.g. let imagePaths = [“star”: “/glyphs/star.png”,”portrait”: “/images/content/portrait.jpg”,”spacer”: “/images/shared/spacer.gif”] Getting a dictionary’s value using a key returns an optional value, so imagePaths[“star”] has the type String? e.g. if let imagePath = imagePaths[“star”] { print(“The star image is at ‘(imagePath)'”) } else { print(“Couldn’t… Read More »