Category: UNIX

  • Installing just security updates with yum

    Install just the security patches, but not kernel or java patches   yum update –security –exclude=kernel* –exclude=java*

  • Yum Security Only Update

    To update your system with YUM but only install the security patches, use the following: # yum update-minimal —security

  • cat a file and remove comments and blank lines

    $ cat file.txt | grep -v “#” | grep -v “^$”

  • Installing WordPress on a FreeNAS Jail

    After creating a basic jail do this: Step 1 Configue the the Jail to Use SSH Step 2 – Setup Apache, MySQL and PHP – NOTE: Make changes for your version of PHP with minor changes from Step 3 – install workpress

  • My notes on how to use git

    1) create a local git repo $ git init 1.5) Save username and password for github $ git config credential.helper store $ git push Username: <type your username> Password: <type your password> 2) Add all the files in the currect folder $ git add * 3) Commit the files/changes $ git commit -m “first…

  • Install and configure EPEL repository

    rpm -Uvh

  • Cool additions to the Gnome Desktop

    Go to and install the browser extension. Use firefox, not chrome, chrome goes haywire when you install the browser extension Then look for the following extensions and install them. Dash to Panel Arc Menu see original article here:

  • Find and replace text within a file using sed

    Find and replace text within a file using sed The procedure to change the text in files under Linux/Unix using sed: Use Stream EDitor (sed) as follows: sed -i ‘s/old-text/new-text/g’ input.txt The s is the substitute command of sed for find and replace It tells sed to find all occurrences of ‘old-text’ and replace with…

  • Resetting the Root Password of RHEL-8

    Resetting the Root Password of RHEL-8 Resolution 1) Break the boot sequence by adding ‘rd.break’ at kernel stanza in grub. To do this, restart your system and when the GRUB splash screen comes: Select/highlight the kernel you wish to boot using the up/down arrow keys. Press the e key to edit the entry. Select/highlight the…

  • Remove CTRL-M characters from a file in UNIX

    Remove CTRL-M characters from a file in UNIX 1) Open the file in vi 2) Type the following :%s/^M//g 3) Press enter to the ^M you have to type CTRL+V and then CTRL+M